why on earth

why on earth
for what possible reason, why in the world

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • why on Earth — interjection used to add emphasis to why when beginning a question. Why on Earth are you trying to accomplish anything here? Syn: why the dickens, why in Gods name, why the Devil …   Wiktionary

  • why on earth — how, why, where, who, etc. on ˈearth idiom (informal) used to emphasize the question you are asking when you are surprised or angry or cannot think of an obvious answer • What on earth are you doing? • How on earth can she afford that? …   Useful english dictionary

  • why on earth? — for what reason? in the name of God …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • why — 1 /waI/ adverb, conjunction 1 for what reason: Why do you say that? | Why should we bother waiting any longer? | I can t think why he would do such a thing. | why ever...? (=used to add force to a question): Why ever would he come specially to… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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  • why — why1 W1S1 [waı] adv, conj 1.) used to ask or talk about the reason for something ▪ Why are you crying? ▪ Why do we have to take all these tests? ▪ She wants to meet you. Why? ▪ I won t be able to come into work tomorrow. Why not ? ▪ I have no… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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